Jigsaw Trauma Councelling
Enduring any kind of trauma is not easy. At Jigsaw, our professional team of counsellors and trauma specialists' work with YOU and YOUR immediate emotional needs, everything else is secondary....

Established since April 2003, Jigsaw has continually met the needs of thousands of clients in their every day struggles to get through difficult times, such as bereavement, grief and loss, rape, sexual, domestic violence and abuse, personal, criminal injury and assault. Also offering provision of psychological support attendance at workplace accidents, critical incidents, court service, event coverage and standby.

And more recently Jigsaw's 'Little Book' series of unique self help booklets that have been several years in the planning and development, after researching and collating client need are now available. 

Their simplicity and size is crucial for those in current crisis, avoiding being bombarded with therapeutic jargon. They are all available to order from major high street bookshops, such as Waterstones and Amazon online as well as from our own Bookshop on this website.

Wholesale discounted quantities are available, just drop our sales team sales@traumaresources.co.uk an email with your requirements - details are listed on the contacts page.

Jigsaws' therapy shop for professionals' supplies therapeutic uniquely designed 'Therapy Puppet Families®' for use when working with children, Adult Therapy Colouring Books for healing and recovery journeys, educational downloadable sheets, guides and all manner of safety alarms and stress release products.

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