Jigsaw Trauma Counselling

Corporate Contracts:

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)

At Jigsaw, our EAP is unique, direct, simple and very effective.


Corporate Counselling Fees can be tailor made to suit your company or organisation, providing you with a set of appropriate employee counselling vouchers. These cost effective voucher denominations are available for six or ten sessions and can be used to provide your people with the emotional support they need to return to work or to help them through difficult times.

Each voucher is uniquely numbered and returned to us each time a referral is needed for an employee, in addition, we provide suitable referral forms which can be developed to suit the company or organisational HR protocol.

Jigsaw liase directly with your HR department at all times,
keeping employee session attendance up to date whilst remaining confidentiality for the employee.

* Download - Block Booking Brochure
* Download - Sample copies of Employee/Client Vouchers

Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Our Service Level Agreements are developed in perfect balance to your company needs and in line with HR department protocols. As well as experienced, established professional counsellors in their own field of expertise, all of our team are Critical Incident Responders and trained to assist with the aftermath of workplace trauma, potential redundancy and to offer assistance with grievance and disciplinary procedures.

* Download - Jigsaw 3Fold Brochure

For further information on Jigsaw Corporate Contracts and/or Service Level Agreements please contact;
Sue Daniels directly at sue@traumaresources.co.uk or call on 01507 608020 to speak to The Jigsaw Administration Team.