Bereavement, Grief and Loss

Bereavement, Grief, and Loss, Hard as it is to endure – most of us expect that we will inevitably lose those we love at some time in our life. For example, it’s a given that in the natural process of life, we will lose our parents before our children.

Unlike most other issues in life, with death, there are no quick fixes or magic therapeutic interventions for working with the grief and loss of those affected. 

Going through a myriad of emotions after losing someone close, the shock can be described as metaphorically as like walking into an unfamiliar house, the door locks behind you, and all the lights are off. You cannot seem to find your way around. 

Everything feels different as you stay in that place for a while, looking out at the normality of life whilst you are deep in grief. 

Somehow you find the strength to get through each day until slowly over time, the lights come on and you start to accept your loss and find your way out back into familiar surroundings, even if they have now changed.

Grief takes time, it cannot be rushed nor silenced with medication, it takes time, patience, and the love and support of those around you to work through these unfamiliar and deeply distressing feelings. There may have been fractious family break-ups and distorted relationships about family secrets and issues such as wills, properties, probate, and/or belongings. Sometimes this can greatly overshadow the grieving process, which in turn can result in delayed grief, often manifesting as physical symptoms.

When you need to talk your immediate thoughts and feelings through with someone who is not only trained to listen but to offer an unbiased objective angle this enables you to work through your current experiences without judgment, advice-giving, fear, or further anxieties.