General Counselling Lincolnshire

General Counselling in Lincolnshire. Sometimes people just get stuck in life. What seemed pretty normal one day, may have suddenly become distorted or unmanageable –this is often only temporary and/or it may be because life has become just too overwhelming and, for whatever reason; the usual support networks are not available.

Seeking out a trained professional to work through difficulties with you, does not mean you are going mad. It just means that you are aware, that you might need to restore some kind of balance in your life. Whether that is in your work/life balance, home, family or your life path in general.

Once you decide to engage in the counselling process. We can book an initial appointment with you to enable us to build up a picture of your life, and to work out what it is that you feel you need to work through. We can work with you to assist you in making the right decisions towards getting to the place you want to be. We don’t give advice, coerce or tell you what to do; this is an arena where you can look at your difficulties from different perspectives and think about how you might make changes to enhance your life and how you choose to live it.

We all work at different hours between us, as each therapist has a different diary schedule. If you would like one of us to call you to book an initial appointment, please email us at [email protected] or call us on 01507 608020 or 01522 719224 and leave just a brief outline so that we know which therapist would be best suited to your immediate needs.