Post Trauma Intervention

Post Trauma Intervention PTSD and Associated Symptoms
We are continually privileged to be asked to work with those affected by PTSD and associated symptoms; such as military personnel, emergency services, and anyone who has experienced a traumatic incident, through varied referral channels.

There are many ways of working with the aftermath of the horrors of military service tours as well as employees from the emergency workforces, who face being attacked or harmed whilst on duty.

Our Trauma Therapists are trained to provide many of the researched intervention processes at the highest level of expertise. Their knowledge is current and updated with the latest techniques via continued training and development.

PTSD is a reaction to being exposed to an event, which is outside the range of normal human experience. It is a normal human emotional reaction to an abnormal situation. Everyone reacts differently to different situations and it doesn’t have to be a life-threatening experience for someone to respond in this way. It just has to be perceived by the victim as a traumatic event. It is a psychological phenomenon. It is an emotional condition, from which it is possible to make a full and complete recovery.

So what is trauma? Trauma is what happens when a part of the brain reacts to a life-threatening or life endangering event, it is the body’s fight, flight or freeze reaction kicking in – it is an acute stress response and its aim is quite simple – to keep us safe.

The Trauma Tunnel

Imagine walking towards a tunnel: the proverbial tunnel ~ you can see a very small light in the distance. Right at this point, you have a choice whether to continue towards that light or not enter the tunnel at all.

That’s a nice choice, a useful option. However, when an individual faces or witnesses a life-threatening incident they will have no choice but to go through that tunnel. For some people the light may stay the same, get bigger or go out completely, it can be as if someone has flicked a switch in their head and all clarity of mind has been put on hold as they struggle to find their way through their own level of darkness.

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing)
  • BSP (Brain Spotting) 
  • VK Dissociation Technique
  • Hypno Analysis 
  • Guided Visualisation
trauma therapeutic workbook

Trauma Therapeutic Workbook is an empathic, non-gender specific, therapeutic workbook. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and associated symptoms are becoming more and more talked about and experienced by so many. It is full of safe and gentle exercises to take one’s time, it provides many reflective personal journal note pages for readers to write down their feelings, to ponder over, past present, and future. It allows for making one’s own journal notes along the way to move forward. This means that the workbook can be used within any therapeutic setting, whether with a professional or on one’s own. Journaling is well known for allowing the safe release of emotional pain, expression, and writing down thoughts and feelings. This therapeutic workbook, at over one hundred pages, is sufficient without overwhelming the reader with unnecessary jargon or psychobabble. It is a first step, an encouraging and empowering platform, enabling those affected, the time, solitude, space, and choice of whether or not to find the courage to seek further therapeutic assistance. Restoring and calming from the inside out. It includes self-help printable paper exercises, information about why we react in certain ways, evidenced-based treatments as well as beautiful unique adult colouring pages, combined with powerful vibrant illustrations throughout.